VennaZen is a Home Decor, DIY and lifestyle blog founded by Michael Anthony. Michael aims to bring inspiration at the intersection of Interior Design, Home decor and DIY. VennaZen is a destination for inspiration and advice on everything from what to buy, how to style your living space, services to employ or even things you can make yourself.

We have an emotional reaction when we enter a space that we truly connect with. Whether it’s a home or a hotel, natural or built, our environments have the power to support and transport us. I believe in creating spaces grounded in authenticity, and value the process of self-discovery that comes with creating them.

I’m here to help you create a place for yourself that is inspiring, livable, and authentically you. In our homes, gardens and offices alike, you enhance and complete the environments you work in by bringing in vintage finds, original artwork, and meaningful accents, textures and layers that not only reflect your personality, but create a warm and welcoming space for all.

I hope you get as much use from it as I have.

Thank you



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